About Andrea

Andrea Hall is an independent educational ministries consultant based in Greenville, PA. A Certified Christian Educator in the PC(USA), Andrea has years of experience and a passion for helping churches create a strong vision for their educational ministries. Andrea has a Master’s degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, where she has also served on the Board of Directors. She also has a Doctorate in Educational Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary and currently serves as the Moderator for Shenango Presbytery’s Christian Education Committee and Vice Moderator of the presbytery. Andrea mainly serves churches in the PC(USA) and ECO, but she is willing to talk to any church that has a need for a consultant in this area.

Andrea’s main areas of interest are Reformed theology, children’s ministry, missional approaches to Christian education, family-based ministries, the millennial generation, milestones ministries, the power of story, and more. She enjoys dreaming big dreams and stirring the pot. She’s pretty sure that there is nothing more beautiful–and nothing more maddening–than the Church.

Andrea is married to Sean Hall, pastor of Hillside Presbyterian Church. They live in Greenville with their two cats, Scout and Bugs.



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