Workshops / Services

Lord’s Supper Workshop for kids and parents: This workshop lasts about 2-3 hours and includes a special session just for parents. Kids learn stories from both the Old and New Testaments that relate to the sacrament and then learn about how it is celebrated at your church. May include the painting of communion chalices. Your own volunteers are needed for portions of this workshop.

Worship Workshop for kids and parents: This workshop lasts for 1.5-2 hours and includes a special session just for parents. Kids learn about the different aspects of worship in your church, including how to read a bulletin, how to use a hymnal, what all the parts of the sanctuary are called, etc. Due to the contextual nature of this workshop, your own volunteers are needed.

Baptism Class for parents: This 2-hour class is for parents who are preparing to present their children for baptism (or who have recently presented their children for baptism). It includes a study of Scripture and tradition, as well as some time for practical ideas for remembering their children’s baptisms as they grow.

Bible Workshop for kids and parents: This workshop is 2-3 hours and includes a separate time just for parents. Families learn how to use their Bibles and set realistic goals for reading together as a family.

PJs and Prayers for preschoolers and parents: This 1-hour event takes place in the evening with preschoolers and their parents. Families learn to pray together in all different situations.

Teacher Training: This training session is for your Sunday School teachers or other leaders. Goes over learning styles, development, and other issues related to teaching. Can be tailored to suit your curriculum and needs.

Officer Training: Need a change for your officer training? I’ll talk to your elders and deacons about the beautiful marriage between Reformed theology and Presbyterian polity. I can also talk about Worship & the Sacraments or another topic of your choice.

Children’s Message Workshop: In this 1.5-2-hour workshop, I help your volunteers and/or church staff learn about what makes a good (or a bad!) children’s message. You’ll walk away having worked on some good children’s messages.

The Millennial Generation: This can be a workshop or a retreat. Drawing on You Lost Me by David Kinnaman, as well as other relevant works, this session will explore the millennial generation, what makes them unique, why many of them are leaving the church (and don’t seem to be returning), and more.

Starting a Milestones Ministry: A Milestones Ministry is a way for your congregation to celebrate the faith milestones of individuals within your congregation. Many churches already celebrate milestones such as baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage, etc. However, I can help your church implement a cohesive plan that will enable you to celebrate milestones more intentionally.

Being Missional in Your Educational Ministries: There is a lot of talk about being missional. Some of us know what we mean when we say that, and others of us still aren’t sure. And, what does it mean to be missional in our educational ministries? I can talk to your CE Committee, Session, or other group about becoming more outward-focused.

Intergenerational Events (Advent, Epiphany, Pentecost, Palm Sunday, etc.): These events usually last about 1.5 hours and include a meal. While I like to do events surrounding the church year (and particularly less-celebrated holy days), another topic may be chosen. These events get all ages talking and doing something together.

General Visioning: Are you just feeling somewhat stuck in a rut with your educational ministries? Maybe you just need a fresh pair of eyes! I can come to your church, meet with your committee or session, take a look at what you’ve been doing, and give you some feedback. I’ll ask a lot of questions and help you determine where God is calling your church.

Curriculum Review: Unsure about which curriculum is right for you? Overwhelmed (or, worse, underwhelmed) by the choices that are available? Let me come and help you sort through the options and choose one that will fit your context.

Special classes, retreats, or workshops as needed: Need something that’s not on this list? Contact me, and we’ll set it up!


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